Indigo Healing: Forget Trying to Act Like a 3D Human!

One day a few years ago while surfing the web, I came upon a website of a local San Diego lady, Michele Alexandria, who does indigo healings. This interested me being an indigo on a serious healing journey, both personal and planetary. (I probably walked on the dark side in more than a few past lives!) I liked that this approach, called Point of Essence (POE), was indigo specific. There are very few indigo specific healing modalities that I know of.

So reading her site, the process sounded very helpful. In general, it connects you back to who you are after all those years of trying to act like you are a 3D human (that never works without heavy consequences). Yes, connecting to yourself can sound a bit uncomfortable after being so used to a 3D human disguise but hey it can’t be that bad! Who am I anyway!?

So I gave Michele a call and set up an appointment. Finally the day arrived for my appointment, yay! I immediately got a warm feeling from Michele when we met. She is a caring and intuitive healer. She explained the process which is a series of movements combined with certain powerful words. So we began the process and it felt so light, harmonious, and like a weight had been lifted. She said I reminded her of a fairy angel. Fairy angel? No one had ever called me that before. I had heard angel and starseed, but not fairy. I did have on a green velvety sweatsuit that day. She was probably reminded of a soft, mossy forest! But she must have picked up on my fairy or deva friend who has been working with me since I was a child. Unbeknownst to most, I had found out she was not an ‘imaginary friend.’ She is helping me with my mission.

So we finished up the appointment and parted ways, but this was just the beginning of the magic. As I stepped outside her door, I must have stepped into a fairy ring. I’m not sure if others have had these types of experiences, but they were, and continue to be an absolute riot. Actually, I’ve gotten used to it so it feels natural now. This is so much fun!

One of the first things that happened in a string of magical fairy happenings actually happened right after the appointment was made with Michele. (Once you set your intent to do something, things can be put into motion). A friend of mine, who had been promising for months to let me borrow her Tinkerbell DVD, finally just gave it to me! I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal in and of itself…

Next, I felt strong urges to listen to Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies audio book again and download more Celtic music and fairy music. One day not long after my appointment, while listening to the Celtic music and driving my usual way to work, I switched lanes to a lane I don’t normally drive in and came to a red light. Right in front of me on the bumper of a car was a bumper sticker that read, “I Brake for Leprechauns.” I cried out in laugher and laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face as the lively Celtic music played on. I couldn’t stop laughing. Of all days to see this and of all times in my life. To make it even funnier, I live in Mexico – the chances of seeing this here are even more slim.

Then the next day (yes very the next day) my husband was opening a package he had received of star stickers we had ordered online for work. He suddenly asked me, “Did you order a Tinkerbell sticker? There is a Tinkerbell sticker in here.” “What!?” I thought he was messing with me. “No, why?” And he showed me the Tinkerbell sticker. I nearly freaked out. Of all stickers that could have been an added bonus to our order, this one? So cool, I thought. They are all around me…

Since my Point of Essence session, I continue to be surrounded by reminders of fairy energy. I see fairy things everywhere, all the time while driving. I have even seen giant Tinkerbell stickers on the back of trucks and buses and smaller versions on cars everyday sometimes multiple times. A dear friend of mine made me a stunning, sparkly fairy doll wreath because my fairy was guiding her. So when they say POE will connect you to you, you just might experience the wonders being revealed in magical ways too!

To learn more about Point of Essence and other healing modalities for indigos of all ages, visit the website of Wayne Dosick. ♥

© 2012

January 16, 2012


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