Business of the Future Is All Heart and Joy

My “real job” (no, I’m not a pro blogger!) is a normal 3D job in an office with sticky notes and paper clips. Our business is travel related so we get a lot of interesting people about to embark on journeys to Mexico. One day in December I spoke to a lady named Julia over the phone. She was extremely friendly and bubbly. It isn’t often that we get a customer that expresses so much joy right off the bat! She had a few questions about us and I answered them and she mentioned she may call next week to buy.

Next week she did call, and they ended up coming to San Diego (where our office is) even though they had not planned it and that they were going to stop by. When they arrived they came in and Julia exclaimed in her cute Spanish accent, “Where is Jennifer? She is very nice. I have to meet Jennifer!” I literally fell over. Julia was an amazing soul – she was glowing! She hugged everyone in the office as if we had all been separated at birth. I went on to help her and everything we talked about could not have been funnier – we couldn’t stop laughing and joking around. Everything was funny, even the most boring thing!

“What is happening here,” I wondered. She was the most remarkable customer I have ever met. I recognized her soul. Her personality and energy was so big, she could not be contained to a city like San Diego or even the state of California. It felt as though she was true free spirit. She and her boyfriend were on their way all the way to Argentina – driving by truck. Quite an adventure. As we saw them off at the curb, there were hugs all around and Julia exclaimed, “I feel like you are my cousins!” “Me too!” I exclaimed.

The next couple of days I digested what this reunion was about. My co-worker commented “How full of life” Julia is. It is hard to express the feeling of this reunion in words because it is something that must be experienced. First, she was showing me this incredible joy. Next, she reminded me how my own inner free spirit is not so free like it used to be. Finally, she was showing me what ‘business’ (I don’t believe it will be called this in the future though) will be like in the future – heart, joy and laughter and with soul family connections – forget about grumpy customers, that’s so old school! ♥

© 2012

January 15th, 2012


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