"I’m Having the Time of My Life"

Recently I reconnected with a friend who I tend to catch up with every few years. We used to be roommates years ago in another time and place it feels like. He is a photographer with his own distinct, beautifully surreal, other worldly style. He has worked in many cities and more recently, on TV. I hadn’t been on his Facebook page in a while and was a bit amazed at what I saw. It was full of enlightened statements and statements of love. Wow!

So as we are chatting, I asked him how he has been doing and he said “Amazing! I’m having the time of my life!” His voice was gushing and he went on to explain everything he is doing from sponsorships from famous brand names to creative endeavors. He just oozes creativity, it is quite inspiring. But even more inspiring were his words which are sticking with me every day since that conversation: I’m having the time of my life! That is what I want, that is what everyone wants!

Later on in the conversation he started telling me how The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know were like his bibles. I really wasn’t surprised after reading his Facebook page. It was exciting to connect on a more real level.

Later on I was cruising around online looking at some of the work he has done and clips from his TV show. It all came together so clearly. He is has always pushed the envelope with his work and in his personal life. Now he is pushing the envelope to spread a message of love and is in a perfect place to influence and awaken many people. Thanks and gratitude to him for giving me an important message when I really needed it: keep creating, push the envelope in your chosen field with love, and while you are doing all of that have the time of your life!

Wow: As I just published this post my friend sent me this text – “It’s a full moon – it’s the best way to make your dreams come true!!! So stare at it and visualize all your dreams.” ♥

© 2012

January 8, 2012


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