If You Are Alive Right Now, You Are a New Ager!

The label “new ager” is often used to describe people who are working from higher knowledge and intuition (the energy of this knowledge has a higher vibration, meaning less distortion). It means different things to different people so there is no clear cut definition of a new ager, but those who use the term generally mean they are doing things in a better way for the greater good and they are awakened to some degree to energy and other metaphysical things.

In the past it felt like being a new ager was something to hide or reveal to only certain people unless you were solidly in your truth and didn’t care what others thought. Those who had no experience of what a new ager was either didn’t pay much attention or used it as a put down so to speak. “Loco” is one common put down used to describe new agers! The new ager label really doesn’t mean very much to me and it probably doesn’t mean much to other new children because our truth is all about the new age – it is simply who we are and why we are here. It comes naturally to us, it is hard to envision another way.

Recently I had an encounter with someone that I found to be quite entertaining. This person made a comment about the new age that felt like it was something “out there” or “alien” literally and figuratively. This person also sees me as one of these new agers, lol. I could not help myself from saying, “If you are alive today, you are a new ager!” It just popped right out.

No longer is the new age something that is for some people and not for others. The new age is being thrust upon us and like it or not. The label ‘new ager’ from here on out will continue to be watered down as the new age integrates itself. Sometime in the future we will no longer need the label, as the new age will just be.

© 2012

January 8, 2012


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