Send Your Intention to Another Dimension

A fun and energizing way to really set your goals and intentions in motion is the *Intention Dance.* Now is a great time to write out all your intentions for the new year. Get them all down.

Next, you can either bust a move for all your intentions or for a specific intention. Choose what you would like to do.

Find a song that really makes your heart soar and your body move and have your list handy.

Keep your attention on your intention – the key is to focus on what you want to manifest. Focus intensely!!!

Push play and just let it all go…dance however you want – fun, crazy, jumping, cut the rug, whatever! It’s your dance, don’t worry the cat won’t tell anyone (unless you hire a pet talker).

Keep struting, spinning, swaying as you send your intention into another dimension…but watch out for the furniture (based on experience).

Doesn’t that feel great? Repeat as necessary and as guided.

Whew, I don’t know about you but I really created a vortex over here – at least 6 songs. Personally, Enigma remixes really get me going. The higher energy of the songs make them particularly appropriate. A couple of my favorites:

© 2012

January 1, 2012


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