Happy 2012!

Wow, things have never felt so new and different. Anyone else feel like they just donned a new human outfit in the last couple of months that doesn’t quite fit yet? Maybe 11-11-11 really was a pivotal day like many said. So many things that mattered before do not anymore. It feels as if the vision of our collective dreams is on the horizon and we are letting go of our old skins in a big way.

As with every New Year, it is time to transcend all those passe ideas. Woohoo! However this new year feels particularly unusual and special. As if 4 new years worth of idea shedding are rolled into one! Feels like the time for a complete overhaul. Oh man…makes me wonder what is coming our way! Oh yeah, whatever we want to create, yippeeee!

What is your guidance telling you?

My guidance is telling me…
It’s time to do all sorts of health/detox cleanses and do them now.
It’s time to have some energy clearing work that resonates.
It’s time to get organized on 2012 goals and get to work!
It’s time to follow intuition like never before.
It’s time to speak your heart and don’t hold back.
It’s time to remove your energy from everything that is an old creation.
It’s time to do what you LOVE to do and laugh all the way.
It’s time to get ready because our time is here and this is only the beginning.

© 2012

January 1, 2012


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