2012: Say ‘No’ to New Year’s Resolutions!

By now you probably have figured out that resolutions typically don’t work. Remember those infomercials of successful people who had reached the goal, but on the TV screen the small print said “Results Not Typical?” This is the same with resolutions, so this year throw them out the window. Why waste your time writing them down, only to see they do not manifest and you feel bad for not accomplishing them? But first, why don’t they work?

In order to manifest the resolution, you have to have the necessary new, fresh energy behind the resolution or it will fail to materialize. If you already had the new, fresh energy that it takes to have your goal, you would have it or be getting close. Most people just burn out since they are using willpower to accomplish resolutions not new, fresh energy. Grab onto the energy and get it to work with you! Be the energy!

Resolutions are 3D (slow energy), the new energy is bringing us powerful ways to use intention. With intention, we are asking for something that we want specifically and then following the signs to achieve it. However, you may need an *energy upgrade* in order to accomplish this.

How do you give yourself an energy upgrade? These are some of my favorite ways to stay in the flow…

Energy clearing work – You cannot manifest your goal if you have blocks to your goal! These may be conscious or most likely subconscious. Great systems to get clear are Theta healing and Ann Taylor’s work that focuses on attractor fields (check out her reasonably priced audio downloads). Change your attractor fields – change your life.
Upgrade your diet – If you haven’t read about or seen people who eat lots of raw foods, smoothies, superfoods and superherbs do it now! It is amazing how their diets have literally been the foundation for them to majorly upgrade to a juicy life. These people embody the saying which is not just a saying “You are what you eat.” I have experienced what these foods do for you (major creativity, energy, well-being etc.), but still working on why here and there I still have cravings for chips and cream cheese dips! (Oh yeah, some indigos love junk food, lol, but my intuition says it is time for something better. There’s no junk food where we’re headed!)
Check ’em out for some inspiration: Sarma & David.
Energy work – Have an energy session (reiki, etc.) or do one on yourself if you are attuned. So nice to feel that 5D energy!!!
Grounding yourself by being barefoot outside on the grass or with grounding technology. I didn’t use my grounding pad for a couple of months and recently started using it again. What a shocker to see how much better I slept, less sleep was needed, and how much energy I awoke with. Never again will I be without it!
Listen to brainwave therapies and/or meditation tapes. Kelly Howell’s work is great to try especially if you can’t imagine sitting still to mediate. Her work is very powerful.
Do the intention dance (see next post!)

© 2012

January 1, 2012


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