Preparation For Your Mission Is Not On Your College’s Curriculum

I have yet to come across any work describing the true missions of indigos. Those that I have read are as mundane as paying the bills (major yawn, and obviously not written by an awakened indigo. If you know of any good sources, let me know.). Once I had a session with an ‘indigo coach’ and when I talked to her about the missions of indigos (5th dimensional missions) she had nothing to say. She didn’t ‘get it.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, it just seems like there isn’t (or maybe wasn’t) a whole lot of support in this area yet. You can’t teach what you don’t know.

The true missions of indigos could be 5D (new Earth missions or missions of spirit and consciousness) and not easily understood unless you are vibing from a higher dimension. My 5D mission is still a bit foggy, after all it is not needed yet on the planet. You can still get some clues as to where you are headed though.

How do I know what my mission is? 
Doreen Virtue once said to think back when you were a child to remember what you wanted to be when you ‘grew up.’ Generally this was a clue into what your true mission is. Immediately I remembered wanting to be a vet. I used to line my stuffed animals up on the bathroom counter, evaluate and diagnose them! No, I didn’t become a vet, but I am an animal lover and have performed all sorts of energy healing techniques (5th dimensional healing) on mine and other people’s pets.

What does this mean? 
As we ‘add consciousness and spirit’ to our daily lives, careers will evolve into true missions.

It may look like this:

Career (3D – may be a facade) –> Mission (5D – true work)
Doctors —> Energy healers
Pharmacists —> Herbalists (one who knows the spirit of the herb too)
Vets —> Pet talkers and healers
Lawyers/judges —> Ho’oponopono practitioners
Therapists —> Karma healers and Ho’oponopono practitioners
Scientists —> Scientist who include the dimension of spirit, work with nature spirits, Earth healers, grid workers etc.
Teachers —> Will still be teachers, but children will be taught by life color so that what they are learning resonates and they are not force fed/conforming.
Gardeners/food production – Will still be done but working with nature as a partner on the goal (communicating with nature spirits).
Technology –> Only technology that doesn’t harm the Earth will be used (this could mean bye bye to most technology as we know it. But then again, who needs a cell phone or text message when you are telepathic!?).
Unethical leaders –> Indigos are lining up as we speak to take their place as ethical leaders

Generally speaking many indigos are and will continue to show new and better ways of doing things that will not harm the Earth. Instead of going to a doctor who will mask your symptoms with a drug (these may pollute you and the Earth), you will heal your condition in many ways that bring long term vitality to you and the Earth (as you release lower energies, you help the whole). This isn’t to say that doctors, etc. will evolve into energy healers, etc. though. Some doctors may not be ready to grow and evolve and may find themselves out of work as the paradigm shatters. In general, energy healers will replace doctors as the 5th dimension settles in and people take responsibility for their health. Certain doctors like emergency room doctors may still have a place.

Indigos are not here to fulfill the agenda of what society wants us to be (isn’t that ‘so indigo!’). Colleges do not offer sufficient preparation for our missions at this point and those wanting to evolve will have to look to masters of their chosen field instead of accredited institutions. This has already started and with the economic problems the decline of colleges is accelerating. The ‘higher education’ of colleges today really isn’t. True ‘higher education’ means including spiritual aspects (connectedness, healing, ethics, etc.) that colleges will need to integrate if they are to survive. ♥


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