Are You a Fraud and Fib Buster?

  Is it just me or are our fraud and fib busting duties seriously ramping up?

One of the virtues indigos come by honestly for better or worse is a talent for fraud and fib busting. We start young and may surprise those around us. We either attract liars in order to bust them or there are just a lot of liars out there, ugh!  But we are not looking for them per se. Fraudsters and fibbers are as obvious to us as Pinocchio’s nose growing long.

How do indigos do this busting? The lie can be felt in our bodies immediately (this is our b.s. detector). For me, if someone is talking less than honestly about something, suddenly I will get a clenching as if my energy is closing off to protect me from the contamination of dishonesty (yes it is contamination). That is the exit signal. Immediately I may zone out eager for the conversation to end. I don’t need lies. I will look at the person and think, “I will never be able to take you seriously. If you only knew what you were doing.” The lie will also make me angry. I want to live in an authentic world, not in your fictitious one. Fiction does no good in personal relationships, business, etc.

Thank goodness it appears to be the beginning of the end for frauds and fibs. The collective indigo energy is really impacting the Earth, just take a look at the newspaper any day of the week to see whose turn it is this time to get busted for fraud or corruption. I’m sure you have a list of fraud and fib busting stories a mile long that read like a soap opera like a do: phoney religious leaders, insurance fraud and everything in between! It seemingly never ends. We know one day it will and WE CANNOT WAIT! In the mean time, for those of us indigos who have not spoken up where it is warranted now may be the time to do so (follow your guidance). It is our time to show that the way to live life is by truth! I know in my life it has become almost impossible not to speak up about any dishonesty I see. However, if it is truly a situation where I cannot say something, I will just envision the entire situation surrounded by white light. Energetically things can change even if you cannot say something.

But fraud and fib busting we will continue to do until it is no longer necessary.

Some advice for parents:
Luckily my parents did not lie to me, but I’m shocked to see friends around me lie to their children. If you are a parent reading this and acknowledge you have lied to your children for dumb things, stop now! This is a terrible disservice and could mean hell to pay in the future. The children of today know you are lying and one day they will call you on it and will lose respect for you if they haven’t already. Indigos have a hard time respecting ANYONE who lies. Reform yourself before your indigo has to reform you. ♥

© 2011

December 26th, 2011


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