2012: Say ‘Yes’ to Clean and Opt Out of the Down Right Dirty!

Sometimes it is easier to buy what is cheaper, than what is more ethical. I know, I know, because I’ve been there. But short term gain is not sweet when there are long term consequences. THIS YEAR PUT ETHICS and HEALTH BEFORE COST. You may just be surprised, for example, at how cheap some cleaning products are…like that large box of baking soda they now carry in the cleaning section at Target (yes!) and those bottles of vinegar. Wow, you know when Target has things like that, that people are changing big time. That makes me want to CELEBRATE!

I’ve done some research to make this all easier. If you feel so guided, help our planet step up its evolution!!

Say *YES* to:

1. Organically, locally grown food AND learn grow your own
2. Cruelty free products – PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals.
3. Green smoothies – follow your guidance!
4. Greener cleaning products – Here is a great article on Treehugger.
5. Companies with ♥
6. The new ‘rock stars’ are people who demonstrate the new way of being which includes the dimension of spirit and have your’s and humanity’s best interest at heart.
7. The connection of all things

Opt out of the down right dirty:

1. GMO foods (aka Frankenfood) – find and sign an initiative to have GMOs labeled or removed from stores. Here is one in California and where to learn more: Label GMOs and Saynotogmos.org.

2. Animal testing – STOP buying products that are tested on animals. Start writing all the companies that test on animals and tell them you will not buy their products anymore.

3. Fast food – Scary stories of what is in fast food have been emerging on the Earth scene lately, yikes! I’m with ya, I loved to eat fast food in the past, but can’t seem to stomach it as much lately. Articles to check out: Is That Flame Retardant in Your Soft Drink? and Anti-foaming Agents in Chicken McNuggets

4. Toxic cleaning products – GET RID OF THEM. Your environment and health are way more important. Our Earth at this time has so many toxic substances, no need to add more your home. And those companies create horrible toxic waste that hurts our Earth. (You may consider only keeping scent free bleach to use in case of an emergency to sanitize water).

5. Forget heartless businesses – these companies will have to either evolve or die anyway, but you can help them by telling them to change and by leaving them. The recent GoDaddy scandal is one good example. I currently have domains there and will not renew with them. I don’t want my money going to fund his vacations to kill elephants either.

6. Worshiping reality shows, rock stars, celebrities, news networks, etc. as if they are an authority of some kind. Detox yourself from these lower energies.

7. Polarity consciousness – “us” against “them” is especially toxic…This consciousness keeps us stuck in the lower reality we are experiencing. Time to transcend it! ♥

© 2012

January 3, 2012


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