It’s Not About the 99%, It’s About the New 1%

It’s hard not to notice the news about the 99% these days. “We are the 99%” is their slogan. But what about the big chunk of that 99% who declare they are not part of the 99%? Things start to get interesting and it appears that people will disagree with the overall approach, but that is OK. Why? Because the true movement is being created by the new 1%. If it is true that the old 1% control most of the wealth and resources around the world and have managed to rope unconscious citizens into their system, then could it be that all it takes is a critical mass of a new conscious 1% to create a new world?
According to Lee Carrol, who was one of the first to study and write about indigos, it takes even less than that – “less than one half of one percent of the planet must strike the match for there to be peace on Earth.” I’d like to add to this that a lot more will be happening that just peace on Earth. It will be a complete evolution revolution in the way we interact in our world.
What is the new 1% working towards? The missions are as diverse and colorful as Earth itself, but generally speaking I believe there are major foundational guiding principals that the new 1% have. The reason being is that the new 1% are not just “believing” or “having faith” in these principles, they “are” these principals and literally “come by them honestly”:
Guiding Principals of the New 1%
1. Peace on Earth
2. People over profits (no GMOs, shady healthcare system, etc.)
3. Working in harmony with the Earth (sustainability, new ways of interacting with the Earth)
4. With high consciousness, comes high ethics. (Dishonesty cannot exist.)
5. Heart oriented business (People creating from their hearts, not needing to work at a dead end job, etc.)
There is probably more to add here. These guiding principals are not like the typical hollow mission statement you read on your favorite ecommerce website. The new 1% is creating with vision, passion and intention. We walk our talk because our energy is our walk, not just our action. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE WORKING FOR AND CAN SMELL, SEE, HEAR, FEEL AND TASTE IT. The new 1% are the leaders of the future. Get ready for a new chapter on Earth as the tipping point grows closer. ♥© 2011