The New Way of Shopping – From the Heart

It was all over the news on Black Friday. I doubt you missed it. The woman who pepper sprayed fellow customers trying to get into WalMart. Really, it is worth hurting people to get your gifts? Whatever happened to the true Christmas spirit? In my opinion it collectively (not personally) died a long time ago, maybe around the time Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was commercialized by Montgomery Ward or maybe when we all turned into Santa’s little elves (well, that can be a bit of fun!). Thankfully, it is being revived as we speak. More people are clearing their heart energy so it is getting easier and easier!

This Christmas put your heart first, really.

I know this has been played, replayed and worn out. But as an indigo, you know that this ‘heart’ business coming out of most people’s lips is lip service. You feel the disconnect between their words and their heart energy. The thing is, putting your heart first is a physical response from your heart to something you are experiencing, looking at, etc. To notice this, you have to be in touch with your feelings, and feelings these days are more like second class citizens to the average Joe. Feelings?? ewwww… But putting your heart first is the recipe for an exciting life.

For example…You are walking through a store shopping for Christmas tree decorations and you come across these beautiful ornaments. As you gaze over them, your heart physically sends a signal of well being to you and you may even feel heat from your heart chakra pouring out in front of you or out your back. That is the signal! The ornaments are the right ones for you. They work with your energy to strengthen you.

As you get more practice it is amazing to FEEL how something you thought you wanted is really not what you want. What a money saver.  Buy everything from your heart, not from price – groceries, services, personal items, household items, etc. EVERYTHING. This is a great exercise to open and exercise your heart chakra.

Eventually after shopping in this way, imagine how your surroundings will be – everyday subtle activators and reminders of living in your heart. You will be wearing your heart on your walls and your heart on your sleeve. Pure magic. ♥

© 2011


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