Indigo Myth: Indigos Are ‘Special’ – Uh, Really?

Reality check (we indigos are soooo good at the reality check aren’t we?!) I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to those of you who have read those indigo books that say you are ‘special.’ There have also been quite a few indigo stories floating around out there in the media declaring that “these are special children” or “they are gifted.”

Well, uh um, it is kinda nice to hear I must say, finally! finally! we are getting some positive attention after feeling like 2nd class citizens for being, thinking, acting different. It is our time to shine! See world, there is nothing wrong with me! But wait…

The ‘special’ label is just that, a label. Some may be able to perceive something ‘special’ and others may not (words like ‘weird’ come to mind instead). But it all comes down to this…Indigos are here to be examples by acting with integrity and being who they are, but not by showing off! (There have been rumors of indigos ‘showing off’ floating around! I guess it can be hard to handle the sudden positive attention like rockstars feel.) I believe indigos are born with strong egos since we have serious missions to undertake that require a strong sense of spirit and personality. However…

The downside of ‘special’

In our society being special in some way is very desirable. We are special because of (fill in the blank with something you do or have). But this had led us to believing we are not special unless we (have or do fill in the blank). And this has led to certain groups of humans thinking that they are ‘special’ and other humans are not which can be a dangerous mentality. Think ‘illuminati,’ we don’t want to be like them do we? We are soooooo over that old school way of thinking.

So awakened indigos are coming to the rescue, working through the process of ‘undoing’ the mindset of ‘special’ and it looks like this: we are either all special or we all are not special. I prefer to think we are all special, but in a down to earth kind of way.

I’m really sorry to read in some indigo books that this ‘special’ deal is repeated over and over. True to heart spiritual seekers know this is not true. This creates more ego issues. Get over it!

If you are having trouble feeling down to Earth, you could be missing just that form your energy field – the very Earth beneath you! Go outside barefoot and walk around on the lawn, go take a swim in the ocean or a walk in the forest. ♥

© 2011


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