The Magical Pathway: Indigo Means Extraordinary Responsibility

I know, I know “responsibility” doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun does it? Images of acting serious and feeling uninspired cross your mind. I mean it is far more appealing to just let things be, ignore it, or better yet, blame your parents, your spouse, or the dog. The great news is there is a wonderful and amazing perk for being responsible (I’m talking extraordinarily responsible). This concept is not in fashion – yet, since most people are not extraordinarily responsible – yet. I don’t know about you, but I find many people aren’t even able to accept responsibility for things they obviously created, much less anything else.In certain realities, like the one that is being presented to us now, being extraordinarily responsible opens up a magical world. Yes! That is the exciting part – a world where transmutation and transformation is the name of the game. Now that is fun.

What is extraordinary responsibility you ask? How does it differ from plain old ordinary responsibility? (This might get a little dry, you’ve been warned.) Ordinary responsibility is being responsible in our lives where we have been trained to so do – in our personal life (bills, appointments, etc.) and at our jobs, and with our families and maybe there is bit of being responsible for the environment, etc, – maybe. But here is where the line is drawn for most people. Anything outside of that is the responsibility of others. With extraordinary responsibility, you are responsible for everything you do, see, hear; heck maybe even taste and smell too. But I do mean EVERYTHING. By this I do not mean it is your’s or anyone’s fault, it just is. (Joe Vitale popularized one way of practicing this concept in his book about ho’oponopono called Zero Limits.)

This concept is probably a snap for you to grasp, after all you are probably here on the planet for this very reason. You see, the problem we are facing today is that generally speaking and until more recently, most people have believed that things are “not their problem.” All you have to do is read the newspaper any day of the week to see that is still the main consciousness present. If everyone thinks it is not their problem, where does that leave us? With the problem. So in come the indigos and other responsible souls to clean up the problem (I’ve heard us being called the “Cosmic Clean Up Crew!) since we know IT IS THE PROBLEM OF ALL INCLUDING OURSELVES. Like I said – you see it, you helped create it even if you don’t understand how (you don’t have to).

So how does this get magical?  I’ve noticed a series of steps of a process.

1. You already know or take to heart that we are responsible for everything.

2. You start noticing things around you that need some “cleaning up” (a freeway accident, an argument, etc.) and find ways that feel good to you to help transmute them, i.e. reiki, ho’oponopono, the violet flame, directing energy, asking angels, etc. (You didn’t expect logic did you?) You may also come across things that just need love sent to them (like the stray dog on the side of the road or the little old man trying to cross the street or maybe the entire city, country or world) and you send them your best vibes.

3. You may or may not realize it, but at the same time you are doing this, you are also clearing up your own “clutter” and getting lighter. (It also helps to have energy clearings from others that you are drawn to).

4. As you keep practicing extraordinary responsibility, you are building up your confidence in who you really are; obstacles (of your mind that is) melt away.

5. The universe starts to show you the doorway to your magical pathway to an extraordinary life exactly as you imagined it could be.

The reward for extraordinary responsibility is sweet. While some are caught up thinking that indigos are ‘special’ (more on that myth in a later post) and others are rightly turned off by that, remember that it all comes comes down to responsibility. Higher energy is more responsible. We are here to demonstrate the ‘new’ responsibility that is here to stay.

© 2011

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