Not Just Another List of Indigo Traits!

One morning in the shower (where some great ideas occur) I thought of some funny and not so funny things about indigos. I wondered if others had the same experiences or feelings, so I wrote them down and more came to mind. Maybe this resonates with you, maybe not, either way that is OK.

What I find funny are some of the lists out there about indigos. They are great and I know they help a lot of people to identify that they are indigo, myself included. But some of them feel so 3D, I thought I’d spice it up a bit!

1. As a child you saw or communicated with angels, fairies, dead relatives, spaceships, you name it! Uninformed adults called them “your invisible friends.”

2. You have “problems” watching people kill insects, spiders, animals, etc. People ask you if “you are for real” when you voice your opinion about not killing the creature.

3. Lies told by others make your stomach hurt and make you squirm. You just want to scream.

4. As a child, you took care of pets, plants and pet rocks and you talked to them all.

5. Often you think, “People, just stop lying already!”

6. You’re on the treadmill at the gym and everyone around you clears out. No, you don’t stink, it’s your higher vibration that makes them leave (aka law of attraction or better, unattraction!).

7. You are a master snuggler.

8. You still see or communicate with angels, fairies, dead relatives, spaceships, you name it; and no, you are not crazy like they would like you to believe.

9. When you witness your first racial slur growing up you are shocked, in disbelief and think to yourself, “I thought we got over this decades before my arrival on this planet!”

10. You find newspapers to be a brilliant work of fiction and TV newscasters to be great actors.

11. Often you think, “People, just stop lying already!”

12. You see the writing on the wall, but as it turns out, sometimes others cannot see it for some reason and you find this perplexing. Equally perplexed, they don’t understand how you see the writing on the wall!

13. Those TV ads for new prescription drugs tell you that “there is no cure for…” and you laugh because you know there is.

14. Your bluntness can make others uncomfortable.

15. You feel like most animals have more wisdom than us humans.

16. Sometimes people can’t look you in the eye.

17. Your family noticed from a young age how cranky you were.

18. You have an interest in movies considered ‘fantasy’ and know they are based on truth.

19. After your first experience with reiki, you wonder why the Earth can’t feel like a reiki session all the time!

20. You have enormous vision which includes abundance in all ways for all people, animals and plants and know it will be attained.

21. Often you think, “People, JUST STOP LYING ALREADY!”

22. There is so much more to add here, this is only the beginning…

© 2011

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